Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am back. I think? And some not so scrapbooky scrapbooking goods

Ok. So for about 2 weeks I was really upset over some health issues I've been having and as a result I couldn't get anything done and couldn't focus on anything I enjoy. First I was upset at myself for not taking better care of myself, then I was upset that I didn't appreciate my health before and finally I was mad at how slow and mistake-prone our health care system is.

2 weeks later, I still feel the same way about the health care system and I still don't have my health issues resolved. BUT, I am TIRED of being stressed out about this. I am ready to let go and just live the life I want and not let this worry get in the way. There's really not much I can do until further tests are done and if that takes a month, I am not going to worry myself sick for a whole month.

Anyway, rant over. Studio Calico January kit awaits at my front door (Do I hear a woohoo?) and I got my first photography gig coming up this Saturday. I am happy for the first time in 2 weeks! And why shouldn't I?

If something is bothering you for long time, re-evaluate! Make the change and move on!
Don't worry yourself sick!

and off course I can't leave a post w/out posting something related to crafting...

I think part of what makes scrapbooking wonderful is that it's a hobby that allows you to use anything and everything your heart desires. Don't let the scrapbooking industry take over your imagination, use what's around you! Don't be limited be what's available in a scrapbooking store! Here are some random household items that I found to be awesome for scrapbooking -

Wood grain contact paper- Isn't this delish? Totally wallet friendly. A whole seemingly never ending roll for 6 bucks. How many albums can you cover with this? I think I lost count.
Gardening burlap - These really add an earthly feel to your craft projects...and it's SO cheap at Home Depot.

Any other ideas? Do share!

<3 Me


  1. this might sound odd but i sometimes use anthropologie catalogue pages. The scenery featured in these pages are a really nice touch to my blase layouts.
    i'm actually a broke scrapbooker. there are no local scrapbook stores around my area except for a michaels which is a good 15 minute drive and the place is pretty expensive as well. there IS a small store called Amazing Savings and they do sell scrapbooking materials for a rather low price, but many products are outdated and tend to look cheap and drab.
    I am very frugal with my paper and I try to use anything i have. i've even used christmas wrapping paper because i was desperate!
    i also by a set of chipboard alphabet letters which i can trace onto paper.

    wow. i should start my own blog about being cheap on scrapbook materials!

  2. I haven't used them yet but I've hoarded up a stash of those lovely free fabric swatches you get in the mail from the windows & blinds place and don't kill me, but I forgot their name! Shoot! Let me think.....oh yeah Smith & Noble!